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丰墨設計 | Formo design studio

座落位置 : 台北市 

空間面積 : 56 坪

使用成員 : 5人  



Location : Taipei City

Type      : Housing

Area      : 185㎡ 

This is a space of dialog; a dialog between animals, a dialog between partners, and a dialog between families.


The space is a stage. The daily life of the clients, Hsin, Fanco, and 2 cats, are the main casts. The supporting roles consist of sofa, table, and daybeds. It is a stage of life, where the Hsin and Fanco can entertain their friends and families by storing away the furniture. On the cold winter night, they can cozy up the sofa and tables to find comfort in each other.


The simplicity of the work table provide an ambience of quietness. It is meant to be an oasis on the stage. A space only for the clients, and partners; the unsymmetrical design enable the separation of Hsin and Fanco, yet a picaboo moment of joy.

In the kitchen, the island define the space of cooking. The fine texture and smooth surface hint at the calmness of morning coffee, and relax of late night dinner. It is contrasting with the raw concrete and brick of the living stage - a stage full of movement and activities.


Baron and Annie, the cats, are as much our clients as well. Their private corridors snake around the ceiling. A hide and seek for shy but sun loving Baron, and a fast track for welcoming and energetic Annie. It is a space for them to welcome guests, and for them to simply walk away without regards.










丰墨設計 | Formo design studio

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