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丰墨設計 | Formo design studio

座落位置 : 台北市 大安區 

空間性質 : 飾品店

空間面積 : 12 坪  


Vacanza Accessory:





Collage Art:



Vacanza Accessory敦南店:

一間外觀由棧板改裝成的飾品店。店面由人行步道退縮1.5米塑造出一個緩衝空間(inbetween space),草皮由此處開始鋪設一路延伸至室內的牆面,視線順著草地可以看到由黃色霓虹燈彎折的「VACANZA」。





在這個空間中,使用性質相異卻又具有一定熟悉度的元素進行拚貼,塑造出不屬於任何地域,帶有些許超現實感,專屬Vacanza Accessory的空間。




Location : Taipei City

Type      : Accessory Retail

Area      : 40 ㎡ 

Vacanza: It is Italian for “holiday.”

Vacanza Accessory: An accessories company founded in 2008; “Vacanza” is a brand that hopes to make customers feel relaxed and to help them find self-confidence and inspiration from its accessories.


Collage: The word collage originated from a French word “coller,” which means “adherence.”

Collage Art: Through a combination of various materials, a creative style that has new implications or produces new visual effects are developed.

Vacanza Accessory (Dunnan branch):

It is an accessories store that is made of pallets. A 1.5m-wide space was built in front of the store and away from the pavement to form an in-between space. The turf extends from the ground outside the store to the interior wall. On the interior turf wall, yellow neon lights spell the name “VACANZA.”

The inside of the store features a large concrete slab in the central area and is supported by carved iron plate boxes. Two pieces of driftwood are above the concrete slab and numerous necklaces are draped over the two pieces of driftwood.

On the left side, earrings arranged in V- and A-shapes are exhibited on the wall. An old wooden table is placed against the wall and is embedded into a reclaimed wooden base. 

On the right side, racks displaying spectacles have been transformed from electric boxes. Various types of switches and spectacles are displayed together there to create a seemingly mismatched arrangement.


In this space, various elements that are familiar to people were used in a collage to produce a uniquely surreal atmosphere, particularly for Vacanza Accessory.

In the store, customers can forget their work and daily troubles and freely choose their favorite accessories.

Walk into our store to feel like you are on a holiday!

丰墨設計 | Formo design studio

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